Tuesday, January 8

New Year, New You: Organisation

Although it's already January 8th and most people have already accumulated their to-do lists for this year, I decided (being an opportunist) that it is never too late to add one more bullet point to the unending list. And this one's a big one.

This post is dedicated to all those out there that always wish they were more organised, depending whether it's to be more organised with work or making time to do things which you would enjoy.
These two listed above are what I believe are the most important things to be organised about, if you let one evaporate, then you will really notice the effects.
With no further adieu, it is necessary to begin with organisation at and with work.
Deadlines: These always seem to be the stumbling block, even with me at times as I seem to let my university assignment deadlines creep up on me and bite me; with only days to complete a formative piece of work. So, get a diary!
{A diary like this one, with daily planners keeps you organised, there's no excuse not to jot down those important to-dos!}
Computing: the worst thing that can happen when you've completed or doing work is to lose it when the computer crashes, so store it at least twice on two separate memory spaces. I usually use my laptop's hard drive and my 32GB SSD card. I have a separate 64GB SSD card for my photographs which I upload to the blog.
Wake Up: set an alarm, in fact, set numerous alarms! This will ensure that you are forced to wake up.You Time
Being completely submersed in your work schedule can really effect you psychologically and socially, maybe even physically if you don't eat write or exercise enough (my health post will surely sort you out). Therefore it is paramount that you spare sometime in your new diary to relax and take up a hobby which you are interested in; or just go out with your friends.
Relaxation: this can be done many ways, but if you are well and truly burnt out with your work schedule, then book a spa weekend away with your friends or boyfriend. This way you are completely separated from any work related hassle.
Hobby: pick something you'd like to do, such as having a creative outlet, like a blog or start a class where you can relax once a week, such as yoga.
Socialise: this is crucial to remaining healthy and balanced. You need a social life. Your computer cannot be your only friend!


  1. great mantras for the new year!


  2. happy new year darling!
    I hope you can do all your to dos

  3. I like your phone case! :*


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