Friday, January 4

New Year, New You: Health

Every New Year there is major marketing surrounding dieting and ultimately becoming healthier. Although it is extremely important to promote a healthy lifestyle, you should be focused if you want to stick with it and not just abandon it after the first few weeks of January are over.
Yet it is also important to remember that New Years resolutions, aims and goals should not just be surrounded about loosing weight; but improving your lifestyle.
When I say health, I don't just mean going to the gym and eating hardly anything as this the definition of unhealthy!
Health covers a wide range of things which make you feel and look better.
I would advise that when you want to lose weight, don't call it or think of it as a diet as this will dishearten you and will most probably result in you eating more because psychologically you feel like you are limiting yourself.
So, to lose weight is what everyone vouches to do once the New Year has arrived, joining the gym, eating special cereals, foods and even buying dieting books. This is not the way it should be done as you are overloading yourself with something which you are not used to and will have more chance of rejecting the healthy living quicker.
What I would personally advise is to re-evaluate your diet, food intake and how much exercise you get. Then think of those unnecessary foods which you could do without and also make time for a walk or a hike as these are not so strenuous on your muscles if they haven't experienced any hard-core exercise recently. 
{Get rid of all of that half eaten chocolate, there's nothing worse than being tempted to eat some chocolate when you have nothing else to do.}
{If you received, like me, boxes upon boxes of chocolates, sweets and all the unhealthy things you can possibly think of, why not store them (unopened) and give them to someone else for a birthday or if there sell-by-date is long enough, for next Christmas as a gift to save on the pennies.}
{This may come as a shock, but try to minimize your fizzy drink intake to a minimal, even those which are diet, as the chemicals in these drinks result in you craving more food. I would most certainly advise to avoid sugary fizzy drinks as these have hundreds of calories in them and this will just counteract any exercise or healthy eating you've done.}
{Maybe next time you're out grocery shopping buy fruit and vegetables instead of buying anything from the junk food aisle. However do not overload on eating fruit or drinking fruit juices as these contain a ridiculous amount of sugar and (fruit juices) calories. Not only do you want to be healthy for your physical improvement, but also consider your teeth and what may harm them.}
{Drink as much water as you can, when you're thirsty opt for water instead of fruit juice or a carbonated drink. Also, before a meal or whenever you're feeling hungry drink a large glass of water as this will fill you up and prevent you from reaching into the biscuit tin.}
{Invest in some running shoes, this doesn't mean that you have to start running (as this is bad for your knees). Running shoes will support your ankles better for when you're out walking or hiking and will also cushion the impact of your foot against the hard tarmac/ground.}
{Be adventurous with your walking, don't be boring about it, drive to the nearest beach or national park and have a long walk. Fresh air will do you good.}
 {Start swimming, this is a good exercise, it's enjoyable and is not strenuous on the muscles.}
{If you are financially able, then join a gym, this way you are forced to go as you are stuck to a monthly contract. It is also good to go to the gym psychologically as you see others working out which I find is motivating.}