Sunday, January 6

Indulge Your Skin

{My collection of Soap & Glory products}

I have been using Soap & Glory for years and I have never been disappointed. I love the packaging of the products and the 50's style, their product names are so unique and quite comical, such as 'Foam Call'. The pricing of these bath and skin products is actually very reasonable, a great gift for a friend. It would be criminal not to mention the scents of the products, so fruity and feminine. I believe that a girl should treat herself and indulge in a stay at home pampering, using numerous skin products after a long week at work. You don't have to break the bank to do this either, look no further, Soap & Glory is here to save the day!
{These two products are identical, Foam Call, both suitable for bath and showers. However the one on the left is designed for a bath due to the design of the head; and the right Foam Call is for the shower. It just makes it easier!}
{Here are the miniature products, ideal for a weekend away.
From left clockwise: Clean On Me shower cream, Flake Away body scrub, Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em body buff and The Righteous Butter body moisturiser.}
{These products are more suitable for staying at home. The Girligo is perfect for a quick moisture and the Butter Yourself is perfect for letting your body rehydrate.}
{Flake Away is a God-send. The skin feels impeccably smooth after use, if you buy this you're investing in a new birthday suit every time you use it. Oh and I like the Scrubber because of the pink colour.}
{The packaging of Soap & Glory is amazing. The product on the left is what I use as a wash bag and the box on the right contains all of my Soap & Glory products.}
{How tempting does this look!!}

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