Thursday, January 3

How To: Curly Blow Dry

Do you ever wonder how to get bouncy, voluminous curls that look 100% natural? Yes? Well I have the solution to achieve this look. 
{Step 1: after washing your hair thoroughly with Shampoo and Conditioner, place it tightly in a towel for 10 minutes so that most of the moisture is absorbed.}
 {Step 2: Brush through your hair so that all the knot's are eradicated.}
{Step 3: Give your hair a quick zap with the hairdryer, this ensures that your hair is just a tad damp to create those curls.}
{Step 4: split your hair into sections, I prefer to start from the bottom layers and work my way upward.}
{Step 5: separate a section of hair, place it onto the curling brush and pull your hair away from yourself, twisting the brush to create that tonging effect throughout.}
{Step 6: still with the hairdryer on, roll the section of hair whichever way you want the curl to twist, either toward you or to the back of you.}
{Step 7: keep drying the piece of hair.}
{Steps 5, 6 & 7 may have to be repeated until the hair starts to curl.}
{Step 8: unravel the section of hair, twisting the brush as you unravel to ensure that the hair curls.}
{Step 9: each section should create it's own curl. Once you have completed the process, you can spray it with hairspray to make sure that it stays; however I prefer not to use hairspray as I like my hair to fall naturally and not feel brittle.}
Your hair will indeed steal the attention, how can it not when it's that voluminous?