Friday, January 11

DIY: Glass Nametags

Tonight B and I are hosting a Mexican styled 3 course dinner and drinks for my parents. I thought that due to our cocktail glasses being colourful, I wanted to create nametags for the glasses which were just as colourful. They also look very pretty poised on the neck of the glasses, don't they?
Tools You'll Need:
Pencil (sharp)
Colourful paper
Step 1: measure out with a ruler 120mm (or 12cm).
Step 2: for the width, measure 14mm (1.4cm) with a marking for half of this distance, 7mm (o.7cm) and repeat this again at the other end so that they are parallel.
Step 3: join up the dots which are measured at 14mm (1.4cm) away from each other, this line should come to 120mm (12cm).
Step 4: measure 5mm (0.5cm) at each end at the 7mm (0.7cm) mark as this will be the skeleton for creating your two triangles at either end.
Step 5: join up the three marks as shown above, the centre mark which is within the two parallel lines should measure altogether at 110mm (11cm).
Step 6: line the ruler along each 120mm (12cm) line and mark halfway, this should be 60mm (6cm) either side.
Step 7: draw a dotted line within the shape between the two 60mm (6cm) marks. The dotted line is where you should ideally fold your nametag.
Step 8: repeat this whole method as many times as you need to until you've drawn out all of your required nametags.
Step 9 & 10: with a steady hand, cut out each nametag.
Step 11: write each person's name onto their own nametag with a pen.
Step 12: spread the glue across the inside of the shape, on the side which has the dotted halfway line and then fold the nametags around each neck.
{All I need now is some Mexican styled drink to add to these cocktail glasses.}

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