Monday, January 28

Beauty Bargain #1

{Johnson's Day 24 Hour Face Care with SPF 15}
I happened to come across this item as I was wondering around my local supermarket. I used to use Johnson's when I was younger as it is renowned for being delicate on the skin. So when I saw it on offer (for an unbelievable£2!) I grabbed it and thought that it would be interesting to see the results in comparison to other skincare products which are several times the price. Now I feel very smug with my purchase, it is odourless, not too thick and sinks into the skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. I especially love the fact of how this moisturiser leaves no trace on the face as even when touching your skin after applying it; it doesn't feel sticky like some moisturisers do tend to do. I would most certainly buy this product again as it seems to have eradicated any signs of dry skin. You can also get this product for normal skin if your skin is tougher than mine and can handle the icy weather!
{Apply the moisturiser over all of the places where you're prone to dry skin}
{Rub in gently, until all traces of the product have sunk in}
{Massage into the neck in a circular motion to help lift the neck to prevent wrinkles}
{if you live in Britain you can purchase this product from Tesco}


  1. I also always used this when I was younger, maybe I will try it again:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Definitely do!
      You won't see a spec of dry skin again!
      Johnson's has left my face feeling so soft.
      Kate xo

  2. I love this smell! Remember me about my childhood. If you want invite my blog and follow me, I promise I'll do the same! Looking forward to your next post and your response! :))

    1. Oh my goodness same! It's got a lovely summery smell about it - ha :)
      Oh yes, I remember that!
      Sure, I'll go on your blog ASAP
      And thank you very much, it really does mean a lot to me :D
      Kate xo


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