Wednesday, January 30

Nude Nails

{No7 Stay Perfect in So Simple, Chanel Le Vernis in June, Barbara Daley in Lustre & Barbara Daley in Petal}
{I really do love this colour as it is very subtle, yet gives the nails a delicate shine.}
{This nail varnish is nude but with a twist, it has a hint of orange in it - giving it a fruity feel.}
{Barbara Daley is my go-to for nail colour as they are very inexpensive and the colours are gorgeous. I love how this nail varnish is glittery.}
{Another great Barbara Daley nail varnish, I nearly always use this colour, it's an elegant shade of pink; not too bold.}
What's your favourite nude nail varnish?

Monday, January 28

Beauty Bargain #1

{Johnson's Day 24 Hour Face Care with SPF 15}
I happened to come across this item as I was wondering around my local supermarket. I used to use Johnson's when I was younger as it is renowned for being delicate on the skin. So when I saw it on offer (for an unbelievable£2!) I grabbed it and thought that it would be interesting to see the results in comparison to other skincare products which are several times the price. Now I feel very smug with my purchase, it is odourless, not too thick and sinks into the skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. I especially love the fact of how this moisturiser leaves no trace on the face as even when touching your skin after applying it; it doesn't feel sticky like some moisturisers do tend to do. I would most certainly buy this product again as it seems to have eradicated any signs of dry skin. You can also get this product for normal skin if your skin is tougher than mine and can handle the icy weather!
{Apply the moisturiser over all of the places where you're prone to dry skin}
{Rub in gently, until all traces of the product have sunk in}
{Massage into the neck in a circular motion to help lift the neck to prevent wrinkles}
{if you live in Britain you can purchase this product from Tesco}

Sunday, January 27

Perfect Pizza

On Friday B and I wanted to cook up our own pizzas, with all the toppings we desired. We thought it would be nice to celebrate the end of my exam period and thus have a lazy night in cooking delicious food. We have started watching the series Breaking Bad which is our new obsession, as well as Dexter of course! So we got our aprons on and cooked up these beautiful pizzas to enjoy while indulging in our new series.
This was a really simple and easy meal and is a lot healthier than shop bought pizzas!
Tomato Puree
Sweet Pepper
Cheddar cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Pizza Base

{Chop up the chillies, pepper, onion and chorizo. I included the chilli seeds in my pizza as it gives it a spicy flavour.}
{Spread the tomato puree all over the pizza base.}
{Mine and B's masterpieces going in the oven to be cooked on 180 degrees. Leave in until crispy.}
{A whole pizza to myself, my plate was overflowing with pizza. Yum.}

Saturday, January 26

This Week

{Admiring my new Benefit cosmetics case.}
This week has been very chaotic. I have been snowed under myself with work and last minute revision perfecting my knowledge for the exams. Thankfully the exams have come and gone, meaning that I can be naughty again and indulge in procrastination! However I didn't let the revision get the better of me and made sure that I went out and played (like a child) in the snow. For me, snow could be here all year long and I wouldn't get bored of it. Unfortunately however, I didn't get a chance to build a snow woman like I said last week (here) as I was too busy sledging. I hope you have all had a fun week - whatever the weather!
{All prepared for the snow in my snug Hunter wellington boots.}
{My favourite yearly catalogue from Laura Ashley has arrived! This is one of the ways I procrastinate.}
{Taking in the scenery before a day of sledging with B.}
{University doesn't seem affected one bit by the snow. It's got such a Hogwarts feeling to it.}

Friday, January 25

Pop of Pink

{Reiss Cardigan, Topshop Silk Tank & Lipsy Skirt, Tiffany & Co. Ring and Michael Kors Watch.}
Besides from my large collection of Hollister Super Skinny Jeans, my next obsession is my Reiss pink cardigan (now on sale!!). I love the colour and the fact that it is so comfortable - perfect for the current weather Britain is experiencing! I felt that it was necessary to part from my beloved jeans for a date night with B, I had just got my highlights done and was in a daring mood! I thought that I would contrast the different shades of pink, so I painted my nail blood red. Nothing beats a pop of pink now and again!!

Thursday, January 24

Cosmetic Essentials

I have a pretty basic collection of make up, however the cosmetics I use never fail to deliver the look that I want. I would personally say that my make up looks pretty non existent, I like to wear it to cover up blemishes; however I like to keep it looking as natural as possible. Thus I have assembled my favourite products which have found a comfortable place in my make up bag. I have divided this blog into sections, demonstrating which products I use to achieve different looks.

{If I am going for a natural, put together look, I always use these products above. It makes my complexion look smooth and lets my eyes pop with the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara.}
{No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation & Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact are added to the cosmetics shown prior to this photo, I use all of these products to achieve flawless coverage.}
{Admiring the beautiful shades of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact}
{Colour codes. However I would stress that I have very pale skin and I would advise to test which colour suits you before ordering online!}
{These three products are always used as my base, the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation does an amazing job at giving you an even complexion.}
{It's all about the eyes. I apply these three products when I want to focus on the eyes. The Bobbi Brown Corrector covers up any dark circles, the Golden Limited Edition Shu Uemura eyelash curler exsentuates the lashes after using Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara.}

Sunday, January 20

Roaring Hot Plaid

Due to the huge downfall of snow over the weekend, I and B decided to cosy up to the log burner, having a Dexter marathon (as usual) after stuffing ourselves with a delicious two course Italian meal. I opted for my favourite plaid shirt by Hollister, which is so comfy and I love the contrasting patterns of plaid in the lining and on the outside. It has been lovely to relax for an evening after the amount of work I have been doing in preparation for my exams at the beginning of this week. The Missguided skirt was a good pick as it has an elastic waste, thus not being uncomfortably tight after such a large meal!