Tuesday, December 24

Golden Bay

This has to be the best way to spend the week before Christmas!

Wednesday, December 11

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is the best season of the year, families come together and celebrate the festive season. Also there is an abundance of mulled wine and an excuse to eat one too many mince pies. Not long now until it's the 25th, and with all my Christmas shopping done, I am extra excited! The house has a certain charm about it now that all the decorations are up, like they say, 'tis the season to be jolly!'

Sunday, December 8

Life, Lately #8

There is no need to fear my lovelies, I am back! Trust me when I say it has literally been killing me not to blog for the past two weeks, but with it being the end of semester 1, University is demanding a lot of my time and energy. But I sincerely apologize to all of you who have been frequently coming back to my blog and being disappointed that I haven't updated And Kate with new posts recently. However I will now promise not to do this again, for mine and you, my followers sakes, as it has been so difficult not to do a post. Here are a few snaps of what I have been admiring in my bookworm of a life lately!

Wednesday, November 20


Being ill requires all of your energy, focus and attention on the end goal: getting better. However as I am usually such a busy person, I can't help but create endless to-do lists in my head. What is all the more frustrating is that when you're ill you realize how much you want to just immerse yourself in the outdoors, especially when you're missing out on beautiful days like these.

Monday, November 18

Rain Drops

After being snuggled up in my bed with a severe cold, I ventured outside to snaps some photographs of the aftermath of a rainy morning, only to discover the intricate spiders' webs were speckled with tiny drops of rain. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get a glimpse of the spiders who had made these webs ... maybe next time.

Saturday, November 16

Life, Lately #7

I still exist! I promise. I've been beyond busy this week that I can hardly remember what I even got up to! This week I've been super busy with deadlines, as warned in the previous post, and also doing my work experience at two different schools. Not only this, but I have also had the most relaxed night with my lovely friend, Mimi, which was definitely needed to keep us calm this week! As I have now completed my deadlines, I can now say that I am back my friends. Whilst I've been very busy with deadlines, I have found heaps of inspiration for up-and-coming photography posts, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hooray for finishing deadlines!

Tuesday, November 12

Morning Walk

Going for a walk and clearing your head at the beginning of a busy week is the best way to refresh yourself. Sometimes when you are really that busy with deadlines, all you need to do is separate yourself from your books and computer screen in order to relax. This is exactly what I did with Ben, we walked for hours in the crisp November air and chatted until we were exhausted. Nature looks so beautiful at this time of the year, the changing colours, fallen leaves resting on the forest floor and the bright red berries hanging from the trees. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 8

Jamie's Italian, Liverpool

I'll be honest, ever since I went with Mimi to the Jamie's Italian in Manchester, I have been desperate to go back and try out more of the delicious food. So for mine and Ben's 4 year anniversary we headed to Liverpool for the day and stopped off at Jamie's Italian for lunch. This time, however, we ordered a selection of starters so that we could indulge ourselves even more in the scrumptious food.

So we ordered the cured meats plank, crispy tomato and mozzarella risotto balls,  crispy squid, Italian spiced chicken wings, and the Italian bread selection. What a mouthful! (Quite literally). Oh, and just for the record, I've never tasted chicken wings like it, they were so tender and perfectly spiced (definitely recommend them!). To accompany the food, I had a homemade lemonade which I swear should win the award of the best lemonade ever and Ben had the Messina beer which was delightfully refreshing.

As for the interior, I was obsessed with the black and copper lights hanging from the ceiling and the exposed wooden beams. Jamie's Italian always has impeccable interiors, just see my previous post on the Manchester restaurant to see how decadent the interior is!

Even though I've been twice within one month, I am already planning my next meal at Jamie's Italian. The spagetti alla norma seems to be getting my taste buds going.

Wednesday, November 6

Life, Lately #6

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

Now, after a busy Reading Week, I am now back into the full swing of University life, with deadlines cropping up on the horizon constantly. But hey, not all is lost as I am keeping focused and motivated to successfully complete the work which has been set. It's so easy to let the stress get to you, but really all you need is a little reassurance from yourself that everything is going to be okay

Reading week was  a blast though, working at my local cafe most days and of an evening chilling with Ben and family. Halloween was pretty low-key for me, instead of having a party we watched The Devil Inside as we wanted to really frighten ourselves. I also went to see Fiddler On The Roof with my mum which was really good fun, such an interesting musical with all of the religious connotations. 

Saturday night was also another movie night, but this time at the cinemas. Ben and I went to see Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa and oh my oh my was it hilarious! If you're looking for something to see at the cinema, I would definitely recommend this movie, you'll be in stitches with laughter. 

Sunday, November 3

Brief Encounter at Carnforth

After a couple of hours of driving, we arrived at the quintessentially beautiful train station at Carnforth. The air was crisp, the station's antique cafe was buzzing with life and the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans drew us in for an indulgent hot drink and slice of homemade cake.

Thursday, October 31

Recently Reading

After a week of being off University due to Reading Week, I have not only been reading library books, but also catching up on my favourite blogs and discovering new, interesting websites. So whilst the weather has been mostly rain and wind, I have had the perfect excuse to cuddle up inside with a cup of herbal tea and read until my hearts content.

1 Ever wondered how some bloggers take amazing photos? It's all about the rule of thirds and more fascinating facts about how to achieve those professional photographs here.

2 Travel to Shanghai and more magical locations with the most talented fashion/photography blogger around, Gary Pepper.

3 Need some inspiration to keep you looking effortlessly fashionable on these bleaker autumn days? Topshop Tumblr is the hub of my fashion inspiration.

4 Grow your Nikkor lens collection with these fantastic sales.

5 Get yourself completely organised and prepared for the Christmas festivities with Martha Stewart.

Tuesday, October 29

Life, Lately #5

If I had to choose one word to describe this past week, it would have to be rewarding. Both on Monday and Friday I was taking part in voluntary work at schools which has strengthened my career goal into becoming a teacher. Not only that, but I have also met some amazing new people along the way. 

Life lately has been quite busy, with once distant deadlines creeping up, but they won't sting me! I'm on top of it and trying to keep calm and not let the pressure get to me.

Ben and myself also celebrated on Sunday our four year anniversary, in which we went to Liverpool to do a spot lot of shopping and try out Jamie's Italian Liverpool (Jamie's Italian, Manchester post here). Sunday was especially lovely as we had fresh pastries from the local bakery before getting ready and setting off for a day in Liverpool. These past four years have been the most exciting, amazing and happy years with countless memories. I am so grateful for my love, Ben, as he always puts a smile on my face and makes me excited for each and every day we spend together. 

I'd love to hear if you've been up to anything this week. What were the peaks and pits of your week? Have you got anything exciting lined up for the upcoming week?