Sunday, December 16

Wardrobe Organisation

It is crucial every six months to reorganise your wardrobe/closet, as from personal experience they get cluttered very quickly. I also think that it is important to sort out your winter wardrobe and your summer wardrobe so you are organised with the correct items of clothing for that season.
I like my wardrobe to be categorically organised, with the same types of clothing together. I have done a step by step guide on how to organise your wardrobe and make it efficient as possible so when you come to be in a rush choosing an outfit you know exactly where to look.
I also want to warn you to be ready to pile up items of unwanted clothing which you should either give to a charity, sell on eBay or just put in the loft in case they ever come back in fashion.
Here are my two very loved pale pink jumpers, I have put these two colours together as there should be subcategories within the overall group of jumpers, whether this means organising your clothes into colour coding categories or the same brand. These two will be put into the section of jumpers/sweaters.
This category is blazers/jackets and all of these are in there own subgroup of being structured and smart. I would advise that if you have a sequined jacket or anything with intricate, delicate detailing; you should make sure that you put a cover over these to protect the item from falling apart.
This group of blouses and my more smart tops are grouped together as they are not exactly everyday casual items. This will be put into the group of tops/blouses.
Above are all of my jackets, jumpers,  cardigans, hoodies and blouses grouped together. This makes it much easier to identify where a certain top is in your wardrobe/closet instead of frantically trying to find it.
Next category is dresses. Photographed are my dresses which I wear for special occasions. These are a mix of professional dresses and those which are more suitable for a party, wedding or any other event. The dress I were most often is the French Connection structured dress, second from the left as it is so versatile and is simple.
Here are my skirts which are a mix of different fabrics and textures; these five pieces are my favourite.
My most worn jeans are grouped together, most of them being from Hollister as their Super Skinny Jeans are tight fitting and extremely flattering. 
I have put my most worn coats and walking jackets together, most of which I wear to University.
It'd be rude not to include my Dad's vintage Levis denim jackets which I love to wear on casual days when I am running my errands.
I have organised my shoes showing the back of one shoe in every pair so that you can see that heal of the shoe or the detailing at the back. Doing this technique also makes your collection of shoes more original and looks unusual. 

And here is the end product, it is definitely worth the work. All of the different categories are now organised and coupled with colours or items which they are similar to.