Saturday, December 29

This Week

{B and I played Monopoly for hours, it's such an addictive game.}
This week has been extremely busy, cannot believe how quick Christmas shot past. It has been lovely seeing family and friends, being able to totally relax. It's always a novelty around Christmas time to play board games and watch films, Christmas is the ultimate period to procrastinate and eat up all of the mince pies, Christmas cake and pudding. I have been good this year however as I have managed to resist from overeating unhealthy foods and eating in moderation. There's nothing worse than adding unwanted pounds! Thankfully Christmas is not over yet and nor are the celebrations, this year has definitely flown by.
 {A Christmas decoration of the Statue of Liberty from New York City.}
{Here is the masterpiece that was Christmas dinner, just looking at it makes my stomach rumble!}
 {Getting toasty by the log burner.}
{Dexter resting from all of the Christmas excitement, he had a Christmas dinner too.}