Saturday, December 22

This Week

{This photo never fails to amuse me. After numerous attempts to try and capture the beauty of this fish, I finally got the shot I was patiently waiting for. The colours are so bright, definitely a must have fish if you have an aquarium.}
This week has been extremely relaxing, I have been off from University for a week with my boyfriend, B who has also been on his Christmas break from joinery. Due to our busy schedules we hardly see each other in the day times and it has been lovely to relax and laze around. We have been catching up with keeping fit, going to the gym daily and went Christmas shopping at the Trafford Centre. I cannot wait until Christmas, to spend time with my family and friends, relaxing even more!
{My room is almost completed, this light from Laura Ashley is so bright, the brightness comes across in the photograph.}
{My cousin, Charlotte came over to stay earlier in the week, it was lovely to catch up and chill out. We both procrastinated the whole evening in which I did something productive, set up a sparkling new tumblr account.}
{B and I spent one evening relaxing with a bottle of wine, candles and Beyoncé 4.}
{Looking remarkably fresh and relaxed after such a sleepy, restful week.}