Sunday, December 30

The Dark Night

Due to mine, my friends' and family's obsession with the Batman Trilogy, I and my brother decided to host a Dark (K)Night. This was an opportunity to let our obsession with the films run wild and dress up as our favourite character. As we are hard-core fans, we were determined to watch all three in one evening, sat in our costumes for the whole duration.
My personal favourite of the three films is the second, the storyline is captivating and The Joker is just the best villain.
 {Here I am, dressed as The Dark Knight, I made the mask with my brother from cardboard as I didn't plan ahead and buy a replica. This outfit was so comfy for a marathon, of course I had to take the mask off - although this meant revealing Batman's identity!!}
{My brother, M, dressed as the notorious Bane, also making his mask from cardboard. Not too shabby.}
 {D (on the left) went as the Scarecrow and C dressed up as Harley Quinn, The Joker's girlfriend in the original comics.}
{Remaking the scene from The Dark Knight Rises, when Bane brakes Batman.}
 {A greatly anticipated Christmas present, the trilogy on Blu-ray.}
{Fitting in with a film screening night, we decided it was appropriate to order a Dominos pizza. It refuelled us for the rest of the films to come.}
{Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Batman and Bane.}