Monday, December 17

Review: Rihanna - Unapologetic

I really do love how Rihanna's music style and her own personal style changes from year to year with the new releases of albums. Her music career has evolved drastically, and is forever changing. Once the Good Girl Gone Bad album came out, there was no u-turning; since then she has had an image which is empowering and unique. Not only is she evolving constantly in her music and personal style, she is a great performer and really is Unapologetic.
I personally think that with any CD you have to listen to it a good few times in order to start to like the song as the first time of hearing her songs will not sound as good as when you've given it a couple more plays. However saying that, maybe it's just personal preference, I did love Diamonds and Nobody's Business.
Nobody's Business is very nostalgic of a Michael Jackson song, the rhythm and style of singing is not that dissimilar to the voice of MJ himself. I also love the fact that she has sung it with Chris Brown, as there has been a lot of controversy and rumours surrounding them previous to the release of Unapologetic that it is very fitting that their romance is Nobody's Business.
Diamonds is another great song as when I listen to it it sparks emotions and memories of me and my boyfriend, B. I think that Diamonds is a classic and is a must buy, as well as the album!
The rest of Unapologetic is extremely good, it is very hip hop but with a twist. This is as Rihanna is singing it, the songs seems more feminine yet they are very masculine, such as Pour It Up and Numb. Yet there are songs on Unapologetic which are not so hip hop or grungy; such as What Now, Stay, Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary and Get It Over With.
Unapologetic is a great Christmas gift or just a must buy if you are a Rihanna fan or if you like that genre of music.