Thursday, December 13

Review: L.A Candy Trilogy

These three books are a must read if you (like me) loved The Hills. This trilogy, like the Lindsey Kelk books (reviewed here) are so addictive that I could not put any of them down and I would much rather dive into the drama of these books than deal with normal reality.
These three books surround a reality television star, Jane Roberts and the problems she encounters throughout her rollercoaster career. The story lines are very much similar to those of The Hills and The City, but then again, what do you expect, the author is the amazing Lauren Conrad of course!
I would whole heartedly recommend these books, in fact I was pleasantly surprised to see that she has other books which follow on from these, The Fame Game and Starstruck which are on my Christmas list!
It's been a good year since I read this book, but I can still remember all of the goings on within it. This novel sets the ball rolling, it introduces the main characters and how the four reality television stars come to deal with dramas surrounding them. It is very well wrote, as well as the following two are, and it really does draw the reader in; making you feeling emotions for the main character and personal opinions of the others. When I was reading it I felt as if I was part of the story. A must read.
Sweet Little Lies is a masterpiece to say the least! So much goes on in this book that you will not know when to put the book down and go to sleep!
This book surrounds the unfortunate events which Jane Roberts has to encounter as it shows that fame ultimately leads to scandal and lies. This scandal very much is reminiscent of the unfortunate rumour that Lauren Conrad had to deal with throughout her career on The Hills. I felt sympathy for Jane Roberts as she went through her mishaps; which carry on through to Sugar and Spice.
Sugar and Spice is real page-turner as although Jane Roberts has got over her love-life scandal, she is trying to turn her life around and this only results in more drama and rumours.
I really do think that this book is a great conclusion to the trilogy as it (thankfully) ends on a positive note, after all of Jane Robert's encounters.
Yet The Fame Game does carry on the story, through Jane Roberts' frenemy, Madison Parker. I will most certainly do a review once I have fully indulged myself in this new one.