Wednesday, December 5

Review: I Heart Series

Anything which involves a love story and travelling is bound to get my attention, so when I first read the I Heart New York book my jaw dropped, eyes glued to the page and the world was essentially shut off. I couldn't wait for the next book to be released, I had a mental diary running of when the latest one would be released, and thus the love affair with the I Heart series started four long years ago.
It seemed as though every book got better, the story line improved dramatically each time, with new characters and the main characters, which I felt like I had come to know and love.
There is definitely something about these books and Lindsey Kelk's writing which is like a magnet and drags me in. I have been told to put the book down numerous times by others because once you start reading it, you will become obsessed. For example, when I went on holiday this year, the I Heart Vegas book was glued to me, I literally took it everywhere and even got sunburnt because I was that fanatical about.
Anyway, I thought that I'd do a mini review on each book, but not giving too much of the story away so you can go and become addicted yourself!
Oh where do I start with this piece of art?! I cannot recommend this book (I Heart New York) enough, the storyline is so extravagant but I assure you it will fulfil your guilty pleasures. This book revolves around a whirlwind of relationships which Angela (the main character) has and the lifestyle which she leads is enviable. This, although being the first book of the series is one of the best, yet I can assure you that the story most certainly improves, with much more drama in I Heart Paris.
If you're a fan of The Hills you will adore this book. There is so much drama which takes place in this book that you'll be wishing you could be in the story to support Angela! Not only does she go to Paris, but she also finds herself getting into trouble with her boyfriend's ex and when her suitcase (full of luxurious designer clothes) gets destroyed due to an enemy back in the Big Apple. You will have sleepless nights reading this, you really will not be able to close it over.
I Heart Hollywood is nowhere near as good as the first two as the storyline is a little farfetched, but it is a good holiday read. This book is easy going and maybe a little predictable.
If you could be addicted to a book, this is the one I was addicted to - quite literally. I took this away with me when I went away with my boyfriend and couldn't bare to leave it alone. I would read it when eating breakfast, on the beach, in the sea, at bed, at a restaurant; you name it. Beware of this book, you will loose consciousness of the real world when reading it as it is that good. I Heart Vegas is basically about Angela and her friend going away to Vegas for a weekend, but so much goes down in this very weekend that it is non-stop drama.
I Heart London is one of those books that you feel like you need to read, but don't really enjoy. Unfortunately I was profoundly disappointed with this one and just about had the energy to finish it. I much preferred the previous books as they were set in a fast pace environment, rather than reading about a wedding which take place within a week, including all of the organisation and preparations. Despite my disappointment with this book, I would recommend to read it as it finishes off the series.

The Single Girl's To Do List is another book by Lindsey Kelk which I need to find time to read and unfortunately Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week is only available on eBooks.

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