Wednesday, December 19

Kitchen Cabinet Organisation

I have recently been in an OCD mood, if you can have mood inklings of OCD. Yet this cabinet reorganisation was desperately needed. So I thought before all of the frantic Christmas cooking begins, why not sort out the cupboard space and reorganise the layout of where things go.
I only reorganised the cabinets which had the ingredients in them and the cups (as some were getting a bit worse for wear). And as a result of my scrubbing, polishing and reorganising, I felt a lot more prepared for cooking and Christmas in general.
Before                                                                                                   After
I put all of the baking accessories on a shelf grouped together so I will be able to know whether I have a certain decoration or not when I come to bake.
All of the spices are grouped together and in alphabetical order, starting from the far left at the front and zigzagging backwards until I get to Paprika. This is a very useful method as I will know exactly where a certain spice is which will save me preparation time when I come to cook.
And here is the cabinet which contains all of my cooking accessories, spices and decorations. With it all being in one cabinet really keeps me organised when I come to find something or put something away.
I put all of the miscellaneous items into one cabinet but subcategorised them so that there is still coherence with the layout of my method.
I used Dettol (Anti-Bacterial Spray) and a wet cloth to scrub away at the stains and dirt. I then used a piece of dry kitchen roll to dry the shelves so that the items within the cupboard would not mould or go damp.
Above in this cabinet are all of my flours, sugars, mixes and matzo meal. I have placed all of the items which I use most regularly at the front to again, save on the cooking time preparation.
All of the unusual mismatching cups are reorganised in the small space which I have for them along with the small plates, egg cups and bowls.
I hope that you have found this useful and feel compelled to reorganise your kitchen cupboards!