Friday, December 28

Fresh Air

Due to being inside for most of the Christmas period, I and B's family decided to go out for a long walk to get some fresh air, stretch our legs and clear our Christmas pudding heads.
The weather was on our side and held off the rain for the whole duration of the walk.
So we got the dogs, Dexter and Gwen, and hiked around Winter Hill, then we stopped off for a Frederick's ice cream, I tried out the Champagne Sorbet which was delightful.
 {The view was scenic, yet it was unexpectedly cold at the peak of the hill.} {Dexter being a playful pup.} {Another hiker started to do hand stands, it was quite amusing.}

{A dramatic building on the edge of Winter Hill - unfortunately it is all bordered up. Apparently it was once a pigeon house, not too shabby for pigeons!}