Thursday, November 29

City Break Edit: Barcelona

I had the pleasure of flying out to Barcelona for a few days to visit my brother who's currently working out in the big city. 
It was lovely to catch up, explore, eat tapas, shop and drink a lot of sangria.
I personally loved Diagonal, the long strip of shops, from Valentino to Zara, I found my retail heaven!
If only I could go back and chill on the beach; oh how I wish I could escape this frosty weather.

Wednesday, November 28

My 19th Birthday Celebration

Due to it being my 19th birthday, I decided that it would be appropriate to celebrate it by going for a traditional British Steakhouse Meal with my best friend, Mimi.
We dressed for the occasion, Mimi wearing nearly all Zara and I wearing bits and bobs from a few different stores.
I decided to go overboard on the calories, why not it was my birthday! I got the 'Build Your Own Burger' so I opted for Jalapeños, Salsa and Fries to compliment the Bacon and Cheese Beef Burger. I forgot about the saying 'A second on the lips, forever on the hips'. A girl's got to enjoy her food!

Tuesday, November 27

My Birthday Getaway

I was shaking in my boots with excitement when my boyfriend, B told me that he had planned a romantic birthday escape to celebrate my 19th birthday.
I had known for a while that he had been planning to whisk me off my feet, yet I was unsure where he would whisk me off to!
However once I saw the Cheshire Oaks sign when we where coming off the motorway I knew I was in for a treat.
We were only able to spend the weekend celebrating my birthday, but it was just the right dose of leisure, shopping and fresh air.
Whilst we were shopping in Cheshire Oaks we stumbled across Harry Ramsden's fast food restaurant which B had been desperate to try. We were blown away with the crispiness of the chips and the spiciness of the curry. A great way to burst some extra energy into you after so much shopping!

Sunday, November 25

Sunday Guide

Sundays can often be quite boring if you haven't got anything planned to do. Therefore it is important to make the most of your day of relaxation, whether you want to stay in by the television or be out and about.
Below are some hints of what you could get up to on a Sunday, instead of sitting in eating all of your unhealthy foods.
Go for a walk, it is important to get some fresh air into your lungs. It's also a great way to clear your head for a busy week ahead. This is a chance to escape the chaos in your hectic schedule and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Thursday, November 22

Surviving an Essay

Essays are always a daunting process, but the stress of an assignment can be easily minimalized if you follow these crucial steps.
It is always best to try your hardest in any type of academic work, whether it's included or not in your overall grade. This is ultimately because if you try your best in an assignment and the assignment is included in your overall grade; you will be at an advantage with the extra marks. The same is true of putting your all into a formative piece of work as you will be able to use this as revision when it comes to the exam period.
It is crucial to stay hydrated, with a glass/bottle of water.
Also, if you feel like you need an extra push to stay concentrated, make an espresso or a large cup of caffeinated filter coffee.
It is really easy to put on a lot of weight when you are revising or doing an assignment, so make sure you're eating the right stuff!