Wednesday, October 31

City Break Edit: London

I only went to London for a short while, staying at my cousin's stylish flat in West Kensington, so much better than staying in a hotel. We did so much walking, sight seeing and browsing in Harrods. However I ate so much fast food because of how ridiculously cheap it is - hopefully all the walking burned the calories. London is definitely a wonderful city - almost as good as New York City if I dare say!  London is such a lively city, full of things to do to suit all different people. This city, like New York never sleeps, the endless ring of sirens gives an extra urban buzz to the capital.

I really don't think I have ever walked so far! We walked from the Tower Bridge, zigzagging all the way to Covent Garden. Yet the weather was warm, there was a refreshing breeze and plenty of cafes to stop off at to grab a cool Diet Coke.
The magnificent Shard is finished and standing tall in all its glory. I think the contrast between the very modern Shard and century old buildings really does give London an unique character.
I wasn't lying when I said we had persistent stops to take in the surroundings and enjoy a fruitful Starbucks drink of course!
We popped into a modern art exhibition which we fortunately stumbled across. It was full of weird and wonderful things. I love how the sharp, bold colours of the paint really stand out against the white backdrop. These colours really do pop.
No matter how many times I come to London I never fail to be bemused and attracted to this Crystal Skull which sits isolated in a corner in the main hall of the British Museum. Although there is some strange story behind this, I can't help but love the intricacy of the skull and how it draws the onlooker into its gaze.