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Weekend Musings

& what a weekend it has been!
To give you a quick overview of how our weekend has panned out here in rainy Lancashire, our porch is really coming along (I fully intend on showing you the progress of this from start to finish when it's all complete). As well as that, I have been super busy getting things sorted for the imminent arrival of our little baby girl. I'm feeling super productive this morning after such a great weekend of ticking things off my to-do list. So, let's diverge into the weekend's shenanigans...
Friday was a lovely day as I went back to a school where I've taught a lot at and was able to catch up with people. After work, feeling completely exhausted, Ben and I decided to bog off the idea of making tea and instead (*drum roll please*) went out for tea. Yes, we bloody well did and it was such a great decision to do so! We went to our favourite local pub where we had our favourite food and chatted endlessly about all things wedding/baby/home. I sa…

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